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Hydrogen 21 Plate Hho Gas Torch Diy Self Assemble Cell Generator Powered Kit

Hydrogen 21 Plate Hho Gas Torch Diy Self Assemble Cell Generator Powered Kit
Hydrogen 21 Plate Hho Gas Torch Diy Self Assemble Cell Generator Powered Kit
Hydrogen 21 Plate Hho Gas Torch Diy Self Assemble Cell Generator Powered Kit
Hydrogen 21 Plate Hho Gas Torch Diy Self Assemble Cell Generator Powered Kit
Hydrogen 21 Plate Hho Gas Torch Diy Self Assemble Cell Generator Powered Kit
Hydrogen 21 Plate Hho Gas Torch Diy Self Assemble Cell Generator Powered Kit
Hydrogen 21 Plate Hho Gas Torch Diy Self Assemble Cell Generator Powered Kit
Hydrogen 21 Plate Hho Gas Torch Diy Self Assemble Cell Generator Powered Kit

Hydrogen 21 Plate Hho Gas Torch Diy Self Assemble Cell Generator Powered Kit

HYDROGEN 21 PLATE GENERATOR POWERED KIT. JEWELLERY REMOTE WORK or AT HOME. HHO GAS TORCH KIT 21 PLATE GENERATOR. HHO oxy hydrogen generator adopts water electrolysis to produce oxy-hydrogen gas which flame temperatures up to 2800 degree that will cut through materials like a laser.

The unique properties of HHO gas make it possible to melt and cut most materials in record time. Because the temperature of the flame varies with the target media, from 259F in open air to over 2.000C, it can even be used to heat or fuse disparate materials together in ways that were previously impossible. HHO gas can be used to fuse pieces of aluminium and other metals or to braze faster than traditional two-gas methods while requiring only one gas. Steel cutting is more fuel-efficient and 30% faster than traditional methods.

So it is very efficient and economical, because it just needs some water and a very small amount of electricity. Hydrogen is ideal for jewellers, metal cutting, plastic polishing and many other projects that require gas on demand. Just plug it in add some water and your away. 1 torch, silicone line , check valve, combo gas filter with sinteREd filter, 21 plate HHO cell. The whole kit comes with easy quick release fittings and PE tubing for easy assembly and maintenance.

PLEASE NOTE; The cell in this kit neEds to be assembled. NOTE: There is no power supply. You will need to acquire a computer power pack or similar DC bench top transformer or car battery.

WARNING: HHO IS HIGHLY FLAMABLE SO CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN WITH ITS USE. HHO is a odourless colourless gas. For more info call 0498478732 or message. For welding kinds of chain and string made of platinum, gold, silver, copper. For mending tiny sand holes on jewelry casting.

For jewelry repairing (reforming, casting, welding). For welding enameled wire, welding LED wafer, flame-treating circuit board. For welding metal fittings and mending sand holes in dentistry. No-carbon flame disinfection or glass seal. Providing convenient, safe and clean oxy-hydrogen flame. 3.5 Organic Glass Industry. Quick and fine polishing for acryl (organic glass), solving problems that grinding wheel. For welding or heat treating small metal parts, Iron Cutting, Catalytic combustion of.

Other fuels a wide variety of applications. Such as heating, brazing, cutting, etc. Which currently use LPG or other gas for fuel.

When burned, this fuel generates no green house gases or pollutants, and burns at. This certainly has the potential for becoming the most. Significant advancement in fuel for the 21st century.

Why should I used oxy-hydrogen generator. Fuel is available immediately after machine is. No volatile fuel tanks which can rupture or explode. Multiple safety devices, including overheating and in-sufficient water cut-off.

Switches, will automatically turn off power to ensure the safety of both equipment and. The Fuel generated by our machines burns completely without creating pollutants. Toxic fumes, or public nuisance. Does not generate hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, or carbon dioxide.

Our bigger generators come equipped with wheels to facilitate moving the generators to. The job, not the other way around. Our generator immediately generates fuel as needed, eliminating the need for.

Fuel can be used for long periods of time without overheating peripheral equipment. 2.4 High Temperature & Calorific value.

The flame temperature is over 2800 ° , it can melt refractory metals. 2.5 Low Cost & Maximum Economy.

Fuel is generated using only electricity and clean soft water. Both economical and practical when compared to the currently used LPG, Propane. 2.6 Low Heat Dispersal. Use of this fuel provide a more focused heat source with less heat loss, maintaining a. More comfortable, safer, lower fatigue working environment. Warning: Hydrogen is highly flammable. ALSO AVAILABLE AT NQ HYBRIDS. Complete 11 Plate HHO Version 12 dry Cell kits to suite up to 2.5 litre petrol or diesel engines. Complete 21 Plate HHO Version 12 dry Cell kits.

To suite up to 4.5 litre petrol or diesel engines. NQ Hybrids recommends a competent person installs there units and the purchaser does does his or hers own research on the use of these exsperimental fuel cells. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 0740972712. All our Version SS cells are pre-treated with anti foam agent so you always get off to a good start.

All our cells are pressure tested and checked for Continuity. Once connected to the bubbler and vaporizer this Cell is ready to go just add electrolyte and power up! FOR MORE INFORMATION message Us. If the question is not answered below, please give the size of engine in cc. Age, make and if diesel or petrol when requesting information. With this HHO on demand System more of your primary fuel will be completely burned, smoothing out and improving overall operation. You will almost immediately notice a significant reduction in engine noise, as more complete combustion helps the engine to function correctly. For a about one month after HHO is installed the engine will continue to help remove built up carbon deposits which results from the unburnt fuel, This by itself will increase your economy and performance. What are your cells made of? We use only 316L 18 gauge Stainless Steel in all our HHO Generators. The Plates Used in Our Dry Cells Are All Laser Cut and cross thatched. This does have an effect on performance and production of HHO gas!!

The Acrylic end plates are 12mm thick rated at 145 degrees C. The inlet and outlet treads are1/4 The attachment bracket angles are aluminium 2 X 6mm SS wing nuts for easy connection to the power source. Does it make a difference if it is a Petrol or Diesel Engine?

HHO will work on Diesel and Petrol and gas engines. Is a HHO dry cell system hard to install? It is very simple, all our dry cells and kits have complete detailed installation instructions delivered with them. On average with the right tools and some mechanical know how it should not take longer than a few of hours. What size cell do I need?

As a rule an 11 plate will do up to a 3 litre engine a 21 plate up to 4.5 litre engine and for the bigger engines up to 6 litre the Brutus 11 plate truck cell. Do I need a PWM?

To make the HHO production more efficient the use of a PWM /CCPWM is recommended as control over the amount of amps the cell draws is important and higher pulses increase HHO production. Do I need a EFFIE? Not all engines need an EEFIE. It will depend greatly on the fuel type Diesel or petrol plus the year of manufacture. Please message for more info. Please state year and fuel type. Australia We post via Australia Post. Generally, it takes 1-9 days to deliver parcel within Australia. 5% of the value of the item. If the product is found to be defective, it will be replaced free of charge. We constantly monitor our inbox and will reply to your message within 24 hours. These "HHO Generators", will produce Hydrogen and Oxygen. Hydrogen is a volatile colourless gas that has a low temperature ignition point. This gas also has no smell. Serious injuries and bodily harm can occur if the device is not handled or used properly! NQ Hybrids takes no responsibility in damage to mechanical or bodily injury!

HHO generators designed by the leaders of HHO technology in Australia. HHO manufactures use lower grades of Stainless steel like 304 and just run of the mill bolts and o rings. Here at NQ Hybrids, we only use high quality materials for our HHO generators and parts. NQ Hybrids strives to provide a high quality affordable HHO Generators and HHO Systems with the best possible customer service. Save the planet one step at a time.

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Hydrogen 21 Plate Hho Gas Torch Diy Self Assemble Cell Generator Powered Kit